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Dear, my respected readers. Before I get into the core of my speech, let’s ponder for a moment what has happened near us, in our environment. We face and see many impacts of climate change in our life, such as increasing wildfires, flooding and erosion, until health impacts in cities due to heat. If we don’t aware of climate change right now, we would be more in trouble.

Ladies and gentlemen, aware to climate change is the best way for us to survive on this planet as a human. Have you ever thought that how biggest the impact of climate change is on life on this planet? And have you ever thought that there is a connection between human activity and climate change? Human is the main actor that gives the impact of climate change. However, climate change does not give us the biggest impact, but climate change hit the others. Those who have done the least to cause this problem are being the hardest hit. It is mean that many animals, plants, and others on the planet get the biggest impact of climate change rather than humans. Ultimately all of us will feel the impact.

There is hope for us to stabilize our planet. But firstly, we need to be aware of climate change and we need to be aware of our daily activity. We are a student as part of humans on this planet who can do a little thing first to contribute to changes. We have to forsake our culture and our habit that impacted the world, such as burning trash and littering. In the big step, we can force a stakeholder to create a sustainable nation that would not release much pollution to our planet. The pivotal thing is we have to collaborate with nature. We must recapture billions of tons of carbon from the air. Affordable clean energy, healthy air, enough food and many more would be given by nature if we make an ally with them.

Humans are all too greedy, they are failing to see the bigger picture to achieve the short term goal. Many business leaders don’t want to ally with nature because they just focus on boosting their short term profit. The approach of the industry is not sustainable. Many of them don’t have a responsibility to use the natural resources, such as they do deforestation to supply their production, burning of fossil fuels and destruction of nature. They use natural resources, but they don’t want to restore them. They create their product for boosting profit, but they forget to manage their factory waste.

The revolution of the industry requires support from all nations in this world. Because that is essential to solve this issue. We need to reverse this situation to turn this tragedy into a triumph. Working together and focusing together on this issue is a pivotal thing to achieve this goal. Collaborating between nations must create a sustainable industry. Collaborating between nations must create a situation towards reducing gas emissions. Even though, we are already late because the carbon in our atmosphere has arrived 414 ppm. But, we need to remember that our motivation is not fear, but hope.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know that would be hard to face climate change. It would be hard to bring back our planet to be stable and balanced. It would be wasting much time for us because this problem is so complicated. However, we need to always remember that 10.000 years ago, our planet had stabilized and balanced. We must focus and think smartly to solve this issue. And, we can bring back the condition of 10.000 years ago to be here.

Making a sustainable nation and sustainable industry is hard. Even though, there is a little bit industry is indeed already beginning, but no nation has fully sustainable yet. We are a civilization have the power to contribute to these changes. We need to stay angry and stay frustrating about this issue because based on them we would have the energy to stay aware of climate change. We would through the hardest way to get this triumph. But, I believe that our commitment could prove it and could make it happen.

I’m a 21st Century Digital Boy

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I’m a 21st Century Digital Boy

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